Dentist Crafts The World’s Most Expensive Denture

A Dubai clinic has made a set of dentures from pure 25 carat gold
The piece also features 156 diamonds weighing a total of 2.5 carats
Its creator hopes it will be recognized by Guinness World Records
If you want to brighten up your smile, there is an alternative to regular brushing and mouthwash – an £89,000 set of dentures made of gold and diamonds.
Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic sells dentures made from 10g of pure 25 carat gold and 156 diamonds weighing a total of 2.5 carats.
The denture was created by the clinic’s lead consultant, Dr Majd Naji, who is hoping it will claim an official Guinness World Record.
Smiles better: The gold and diamond piece is designed to be worn as a fashion accessory
He told 7Days: ‘We got a certificate from the World Diamond Institute in Belgium to confirm that the diamond and gold used in this brace was totally pure and we are waiting to list it in the record book as the most expensive smile in the world.’
He added: ‘After UAE people got the title of the happiest people we started thinking of making the most expensive smile in the world.’
The piece, which is supposed to be a fashion accessory, already has a buyer – a female from the UAE. And another has been ordered by someone in Qatar.
The clinic said that £15,000 from the sale of the dentures will go to charity.
Dr Majd Naji is renowned for his celebrity clientele, some of whom travel the globe to visit him.


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